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SmallDEVS for Squeak 4.3

A new implementaion of SmallDEVS (2012), compatible with recent versions of Squeak Smalltalk.

How to install SmallDEVS (start Squeak 4.3, open workspace, copy, paste and evaluate the following expressions):

SARInstaller new fileInFrom: (HTTPClient httpGet: '').
SARInstaller new fileInFrom: (HTTPClient httpGet: '').
SARInstaller new fileInFrom: (HTTPClient httpGet: '').
"optionally, you can also install PNtalk:"
MczInstaller installStream: (HTTPClient httpGet: '')

Then use world menu and open MyRepository Browser. See SmallDEVS (and/or PNtalk) web site to learn how to use it.

Latest versions of all SmallDEVS (and PNtalk) packages are available on You can install them this way:
MczInstaller installStream: (HTTPClient httpGet: '').

A version for Pharo Smalltalk is also planned. Current status of the effort is documented on page SmallDEVS for Pharo 1.3.

Known bugs: Some menus in AtomcDEVSExplorer do not work as expected. GUI is more stable in previous version.

License: Brno University Of Technology Opensource License

(c) 2011-2012 Vladimir Janousek


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