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DEVS (Discrete event systems specification)

What is DEVS?
DEVS is a systems-theoretic approach to modeling. More specifically, it is state-centered formalism. A system consists of interconnected subsystems. A subsystem is a system. Leaf systems (atomic DEVSes) are state machines. Such a view on systems structure seems to be static - DEVS in its original form does not consider evolution of the structure. Only states of the state machines can evolve. Nevertheles, several DEVS enhancements allow for structural changes. But in fact, DEVS seems to be more usable for mostly static structure systems modeling. Highly dynamic parts of the system are obviously better to encapsulate in atomic DEVSes where the subsystems dynamicity is modeled as a state evolution. Inside an atomic DEVS, arbitray formalism or programming language can be used. DEVS can be viewed as a framework unifiyng a number of other formalisms in a consistent, systems theoretic, state centered fashion.



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