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Software for remote access to SmallDEVS kernel

This software is intended for remote access to SmallDEVS/PNtalk.

  1. Human writable/readable dialog (using e.g. telnet connection).
  2. Simple, low-level protocol (only remote execution of and transfer of Smalltalk storestrings).

Possible applications:
  1. Client-server architecture for simulations: Client with GUI can edit models and manage simualtions, server stores models and perform simulations.
  2. Distributed simulation.
  3. Multisimulations, simualtion of candidate models for optimiazation purposes.


Usable clients:
  1. Human clients can use telnet.
  2. Non-smalltalk software clients are supposed to use only text for request and replay, all necessary computation is supposed to be done on server side.
  3. Smalltalk clients can work with objects reconstructed from received storestrings on its side.





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