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PSP-Solver Swiki


PSP-Solver is an optimization tool intended for so called Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems (RCPSP) [1]. In its basic version, PSP-Solver loads problem specifications from PSPLib library [2].

Software and documentation

PSP-Solver is written in C++ using Boost library. It should work on all GNU & POSIX compatible systems (Unix, Mac OS X).

Download: ask by e-mail
Documentation: PSP-Solver-uguide.pdf


PSP-Solver is intended only for educational and scientific purposes. Other use should be communicated with the author.


[1] RCPSP (Wikipedia)
[2] PSPLib Home page

Contact the author

This published version is just a prototype with a not-complete documentation. In case of any interest, please contact me:
Martin Hruby
e-mail: hrubym atttt
www: homepage-of-author