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PNtalk Project

[PNtalk - czech version]

PNtalk is a long-term project started by Vladimir Janousek in 1993 (in the early phase of his Ph.D. study which was supervised by Milan Ceska) as an original attempt to bring high-level Petri nets closer to programming languages. Main goal of this experiment was to prove that formal models such as Petri nets can be used similarly to traditional programming languages during systems development. Moreover, the rigorous mathematical nature of such a language offers a potential to solve analysis and verification problems.
Originally, the project started as a consistent combination of high-level Petri nets and objects in Smalltalk. The resulting language and system is called PNtalk and its theoretical background is represented by Object Oriented Petri Nets. Later on, more people got involved in the project - namely Tomas Vojnar who developed basics of FAV methods for PNtalk.
Now the project leads towards a vision of wider openness and reflectivity. Apart from Object oriented Petri nets and the PNtalk language, the project now comprises also DEVS, MAS and other paradigms.

The current target of this project is model-based (and simulation-based) systems design and prototyping. The applicaton areas comprise intelligent systems, namely multiagent systems, control systems and robotics.

Introduction to OOPN and PNtalk (excerpts from V.J.'s dissertation)

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The project (as a subproject of bigger projects) has been partially supported by several grants:


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