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Jiří Krajíček: Human Inspired Self-developmental Model of Neural Networks (HIM): Introducing Content/Form computing

This presentation deals with cross-disciplinary research between
medical/psychological evidence on human abilities and informatics
needs to update current models in computer science to support
alternative methods for computation and communication. In previsous
work we have already proposed hypothesis introducing concept of human
information model (HIM) as cooperative system. Here we continue on HIM
design in detail. In our design, first we introduce Content/Form
computing architecture which is new generalised principle of present
methods in evolvable computing (genetic algorithms, genetic
programming). Then we apply this architecture on HIM (specific neural
network) model as basic information processing paradigm. Main
inspiration of our natural/human design comes from well known concept
of artificial neural networks, present medical/psychological evidence
and Sheldrake theory of "Nature as Alive".