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PNtalk 2.0

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Radek Kočí

PNtalk 2.0 is the modelling and simulation framework based on the formalism of Object Oriented Petri Nets, which combines properties of Petri Nets with advantages of object oriented system design. PNtalk 2.0 is a new implementation and extension of the origin tool PNtalk from Squeak Smalltalk to Pharo 2.0. The tool is an experimental software intended for research and education; it supports software design methods using simulation modeling focusing on adaptive systems.

This pages provides information about the PNtalk 2.0 system. You may find the latest release, documentations, and news here. The authors would be grateful for obtaining a feedback about using the PNtalk system, new ideas or the system improvement.


Recent version: PNtalk 2.0 [Core.2 - 10th October 2013]




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